Adventure Games and Interactive Fiction

Experimenting with Hypertext

by Gamefic on September 25, 2014

Graphics and sound have been goals in Gamefic ever since I began the project. This month I added graphics support through the new standard-multimedia library. The new web interface supports it, and I plan to release a game that uses it soon. This led me to another idea: parser-based games with a hypertext interface. Read more

The Web Player

by Gamefic on September 22, 2014

This weekend I uploaded a new web interface for Gamefic. Read more

Upcoming Changes

by Gamefic on September 12, 2014

This month we'll be releasing some major updates to the Gamefic framework. Read more

Building a Sandbox for Game Code

by Gamefic on August 2, 2014

When I started Gamefic, my goal was to develop a highly customizable framework for adventure games. It's primarily designed for parser-based interactive fiction, like Inform or Quest. Unlike most other IF tools, however, I wanted Gamefic to be customizable from top to bottom: not just the game code itself, but the clients and the environments that interpret the games: Read more

Gamefic 0.2.0

by Gamefic on June 2, 2014

Today I'm releasing version 0.2.0 of the Gamefic gem and an update to The Master Tape, the first demo of the Gamefic engine. Read more