Adventure Games and Interactive Fiction

Building a Sandbox for Game Code

by Gamefic on August 2, 2014

When I started Gamefic, my goal was to develop a highly customizable framework for adventure games. It's primarily designed for parser-based interactive fiction, like Inform or Quest. Unlike most other IF tools, however, I wanted Gamefic to be customizable from top to bottom: not just the game code itself, but the clients and the environments that interpret the games:

  • Text-based games can be parser-based or CYOA.
  • Clients can support images and other media.
  • Graphical clients can provide a point-and-click interface.
  • Games can run in real-time instead of being turn-based.
  • Game code can be interpreted on a server for multiplayer games and MUDs.

[Bla bla. Anyway I'm using Ruby. Now about sandboxes...]