Adventure Games and Interactive Fiction

Gamefic 3.0 Released

by Gamefic on January 28, 2024

Version 3.0 of Gamefic is a major rewrite with a new modular architecture. It's easier than ever for authors to organize their code and compose game features from common libraries. The SDK and the standard library have also been updated to take advantage of the new capabilities. Read more

Experimenting with Procedurally Generated Mysteries

by Gamefic on February 28, 2021

One of my long-term pet projects has been procedurally generated content for mystery games, where the mystery's suspects, clues, and solution are all dynamic. My most recent experiment is a short text game called AKA: Sammy the Blade. The game's objective is to identify a fugitive among the guests at a hotel. The mystery, at its core, is a logic puzzle. Read more

Gamefic 2.0 Released

by Gamefic on April 25, 2020

Version 2.0 of the Gamefic SDK is available now on RubyGems. Among the new features: Read more

Redstone Postmortem

by Gamefic on November 22, 2017

Redstone finished 33rd in this year's IFComp. All things considered, I'm happy with the outcome. There were a lot of amazing entries this year, and there are plenty of ways that Redstone (and Gamefic itself) could be improved. Read more

Changes in Gamefic 2.0

by Gamefic on October 25, 2017

Version 2.0 of Gamefic has been in development for several months. I think it's very close to being ready for release; in fact, I used it to make Redstone, my entry in this year's Interactive Fiction Competition. Here's a summary of the changes and new features. Read more