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Upcoming Changes

by Gamefic on September 12, 2014

This month we'll be releasing some major updates to the Gamefic framework.

New character states. The YesOrNo and MultipleChoice states introduce new ways to guide the direction of your stories. As the names suggest, they're an easy way to provide players with a list of options for conversation trees or CYOA-style branching narratives.

The Rough Size library. This import provides basic rules for controlling how entities interact with supporters, what can fit inside a container, etc. If you've ever had a bug where a player can put a basketball inside a wallet, this library gives you a simple solution with very little overhead.

HTML support. Gamefic now includes inherent support for HTML in messages. The TTY engine converts HTML to ANSI formatting for terminal windows.

A redesigned web console. The browser-based player is getting a slick new look and feel that also plays well with mobile devices.

The Multimedia library. With the addition of HTML support comes a multimedia import that lets you add sound and images to your games.

The new character states and the Rough Size Library, plus a whole bunch of other bug fixes and minor updates, are already available in the GitHub repo.