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The Web Player

by Gamefic on September 22, 2014

This weekend I uploaded a new web interface for Gamefic. Among the new features:

  • Larger game windows. Instead of a fixed height, the game window expands to the height of the browser.
  • Modal dialogs. When the game prompts you for special input, it opens in a modal. This makes it easier for players to understand what the game expects them to do. Two common examples are confirmation dialogs (for example, when players are asked to confirm that they want to quit the game) and multiple-choice questions.
  • HTML support. The CGI engine lets games use HTML to format output.
  • Command links. The text window can include links that execute game commands.
  • Keyboard shortcuts. Modal dialogs typically provide links to options, but they also respond to keys. The yes/no dialog will respond to Y or N, and the multiple-choice dialog lets you select an option by number.
  • Improved mobile layout. The interface expands to fit the entire screen, making games much easier to play on tablets, and a little easier on phones.

Play The Master Tape to demo the new features.

There are still more updates to come. I'll post again soon.