Parser vs. Hypertext: Two Implementations of "Cloak of Darkness"

by Gamefic on Oct 20, 2014

Last week I updated the Gamefic repo with an SDK that can compile game code into pure JavaScript. There's a standard API that provides functions for sending player commands and receiving game data. Developers can use HTML and CSS to customize the game interface. As an experiment, I used the SDK to compile two versions of Cloak of Darkness. One uses a traditional parser-based interface. The other has a graphical interface that works completely through point-and-click. The world model and solution are functionally the same. Read more

My Own Private Hackathon

by Gamefic on Oct 13, 2014

It's been a while since I pulled an all-nighter, but yesterday I tried to work out a minor code puzzle that turned into a deep, dark rabbit hole, and I'm just crawling out of it this afternoon. Let's see if I still have enough wits to unravel everything I did. Read more

Bug Fix in Outpost

by Gamefic on Oct 9, 2014

I fixed a bug in Outpost that caused the game to crash when you try to drink the medicine. Read more

Everybody Dies

by Gamefic on Sep 30, 2014

I'm a little late to the party, but I just finished playing Everybody Dies by Jim Munroe. It deserves all the praise it's received. Read more


by Gamefic on Sep 29, 2014

This is a short escape puzzle. You're being held prisoner in an army outpost and you have to figure out how to get past the guard. I intended it to be the beginning of a larger adventure, which I may or may not still make; but I figured I was overdue for another demo, so here it is. Read more

Experimenting with Hypertext

by Gamefic on Sep 25, 2014

Graphics and sound have been goals in Gamefic ever since I began the project. This month I added graphics support through the new standard-multimedia library. The new web interface supports it, and I plan to release a game that uses it soon. This led me to another idea: parser-based games with a hypertext interface. Read more

Upcoming Changes

by Gamefic on Sep 12, 2014

This month we'll be releasing some major updates to the Gamefic framework. Read more

Building a Sandbox for Game Code

by Gamefic on Aug 2, 2014

When I started Gamefic, my goal was to develop a highly customizable framework for adventure games. It's primarily designed for parser-based interactive fiction, like Inform or Quest. Unlike most other IF tools, however, I wanted Gamefic to be customizable from top to bottom: not just the game code itself, but the clients and the environments that interpret the games: Read more