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A New Visual Studio Code Extension for Ruby

by Gamefic on Mar 20, 2017

Working on Gamefic has had the unexpected side effect of leading me to work on IDEs. Originally I wanted to make authoring software for Gamefic, but that project gradually turned into a suite of general-purpose Ruby tools. One of those tools is code completion: the ability for editors to recommend snippets of code that fit what you're trying to do. This weekend I released the code completion tool as a Ruby gem and a Visual Studio Code extension. Read more

Ideals and Goals

by Gamefic on Feb 5, 2017

I wanted to take an opportunity to discuss some aspects of the Gamefic project and my objectives behind it. I've been working on it sporadically for about five years, but only recently have I been able to dedicate a significant amount of time to it. Development of the framework is ramping up and new game projects are on the horizon. Here's an impromptu list of my thoughts. Read more

Customizing Scenes

by Gamefic on Feb 1, 2017

The latest updates to Gamefic include a new scene architecture to simplify customization. Authors can specify code blocks for the scene's beginning and ending, customize the prompt, and more. Read more

Gamefic 1.2 and Upcoming Changes

by Gamefic on Dec 16, 2016

Version 1.2 of Gamefic and the SDK are on RubyGems. This release features new versions of the CLI executables with inline help and improved error handling. Read more

Dynamic Entities and Subplots

by Gamefic on Nov 27, 2016

A while back I quietly introduced an improvement to dynamic entities. It's always been possible to generate entities at runtime, but for a long time they weren't compatible with snapshots. In other words, any entity created at runtime would be lost in an undo or restore. Gamefic 1.0 was the first release to handle dynamic entities properly in snapshots. The latest version extends this capability with a new feature called subplots. Read more

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