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Gamefic 2.0 Released

by Gamefic on April 25, 2020

Version 2.0 of the Gamefic SDK is available now on RubyGems. Among the new features:

  • New web app framework. Version 2 makes it easier than ever to build web-based versions of your games. The SDK's built-in generator creates a working web port with a single command. Change your game's layout with CSS or use React to extend it with a custom UI.
  • Improved snapshots. The snapshot feature powers functions like saving and restoring game states. In version 2, snapshots are capable of storing a much wider variety of data, including any kind of entity, subplots, and most core Ruby structures.
  • Extensible game data. Game loops provide a state object that authors can extend with additional data, such as images and sounds to add to the user interface. Anything that can be expressed in JSON can be a state property.
  • Robust subplots. Manage your story branches in subplots that can be created and concluded on the fly. Use them to encapsulate your storylines, build modular narratives, or create procedurally generated quests.
  • Dynamic entities. Characters, items, rooms, or any other game entities can be created at runtime.
  • Gem-based extensions. Reusable game components can be developed and distributed as gems. A Gamefic extension can provide its own entity types, commands, subplots, and more.

See the SDK's README for a quick explanation of how to use the new framework. More documentation is forthcoming.