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First Prototype of the Gamefic IDE

by Gamefic on December 21, 2014

The Eclipse plugin for Gamefic is finally a functional proof of concept. Basic features like creating projects and editing files work. Syntax highlighting is partially implemented. Embedded JRuby libraries allow for realtime code analysis and debugging on the fly.

My first integration of the JRuby parser extracts entities, actions, and scenes from the script and adds them to a navigable outline. Clicking on an item in the outline highlights its code.

Some of the other features I hope to add:

  • Dialogs for creating and editing entities
  • Content Assist for variables, methods, and properties
  • Realtime error detection
  • Run configurations for consoles and browsers
  • WordNet integration for improving game vocabulary

This is still a long way from primetime, especially since major changes are coming to the framework first. When I feel like it's stable enough, I expect to host a software site for Eclipse installation and release the code on GitHub.